Tuesday, February 7, 2012


BELL HOOKS: Well I think that rap videos, like all major videos right now, have reinscribed the female body in very traditionally sexist pornographic, within the framework of the traditional sexist pornographic imaginary. To the extent that rap music or any kind of black music uses more black female bodies, the black female body comes into greater representation solely along the sexual terms that we have historically been represented within mass media. The hot pussy, the prostitute, the slut, the vulgar girl, the girl who is willing to do what the nice girls won't do, etc.

All of these images and representations that have been a function of racist and sexists stereotypes get reproduced in rap videos, but the most noticeable aspect of the objectification of black female bodies in rap videos, for black women and men is the color caste system gets reintroduced and affirmed. It's quite rare to see darker skinned black females among the groups of women that are seen as sexually viable and desirable in most music videos whether rap or otherwise because in fact, it is the light skinned, preferably long haired, preferably straightened haired female who becomes once again reinscribed as the desirable object, this again is one of the tragic dimensions right now of race in America because more than ever before color caste systems are being overtly affirmed as through, you know, we didn't change this, we didn't fight against it, so now all we can do is embrace it and live out the consequences of it.

bell hooks Pt 8 cultural criticism (rap music)

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