Friday, September 23, 2011

Slave Tortures: The Mask, Scold's Bridle, or Brank

Mulier taceat in ecclesia
- 'Let the woman be silent in church'
Let the Woman be Silent in Church: Over four centuries, thousands of women were subjected to the wearing of these contraptions. The main principle behind the scold's bridle was: let the woman be silent in church, though the word 'church' referred to the Parish community, or to be more precise; the male hierarchies of a community, rather than the building of bricks and mortar. Further translation would suggest more accurately - 'Let the woman be silent in the presence of the male'.

(Image source: Faganarms)

English or possibly Colonial American as these were used by the Puritan Pilgrims who severely punished offenses which violated their cultural or religious values. The concept and its predecessors originated in Scotland and were popular throughout England. Comprising a finely forged cage of four bars, sized for a woman’s head, the front shaped to accommodate the nose. The lower face enclosed by a plate with pin pierced ventilation holes and a small triangular opening at the mouth through which food and drink could be administered.

The back bar with a finely forged “pig tail” terminal. The sides with shackles meeting the back side bars with small holes for rivet fastening. This example is distinguished by its small feeding aperture and provision for rivet locking rather than padlocking. The former feature undoubtedly allowed for bread and water to sustain life and both features indicate its use for long term incarceration. Its fine rich stable patina is as found on examples preserved in museum collections. Height: 11 3/4” (source: Faganarms)

Scold's Bridle: This was a metal frame place over a woman's head. It had a bit that stuck in her mouth to prevent her talking. The scold's bridle or branks was used in Scotland by the 16th century and was used in England from the 17th century. It was last used in Britain in 1824

Source: Le Magasin Pittoresque (1846, Vol. 14), p. 229

Caption "Esclave Marron a Rio de Janeiro" (Fugitive/Runaway Slave in Rio de Janeiro), based on a drawing by a Mister Bellel. The engraving illustrates a brief article on fugitive slaves in Brazil, and is apparently derived from first-hand information. "Captured fugitives," the article notes, "are forced to do the hardest and roughest work. They are ordinarily placed in chains and are led in groups through the city's neighborhoods where they carry loads or sweep refuse in the streets. This type of slave is so frightful that, while they have lost all hope of fleeing again, they think of nothing but suicide. They poison themselves by drinking at one swallow a large quantity of strong liquor, or choke/suffocate themselves by eating dirt/earth. In order to deprive them of this way of causing their own deaths, they put a tin mask on their faces; the mask has only a very narrow slit in front of the mouth and a few little holes under the nose so they can breathe" (p. 229; our translation).

Slave Mask: Image Reference, NW0191. Source:Jacques Arago, Souvenirs d'un aveugle. Voyage autour du monde par M. J. Arago . . . (Paris, 1839-40), vol. 1, facing p. 119

Arago"s voyage took place between 1817 and 1820, during which time close to two months (early December to the end of January 1818) were spent in Brazil, particularly Rio de Janeiro. The engraving shown here, based on a sketch by Arago, is captioned "Chatiment des Esclaves, Brasil" (Punishment of Slaves). It shows an unidentified male and probably represents a composite of several enslaved Brazilians who Arago observed in the streets of Rio. This illustration is often confused and misidentified in secondary sources on slavery. Among other errors, such sources identify the subject as a woman, but Arago quite explicitly refers to the figure as a man. For a detailed discussion of this image and its historical context, see J. Handler and A. Steiner, "Identifying Pictorial Images of Atlantic Slavery: Three Case Studies," Slavery and Abolition 27 (2006), 56-62. The transformation of this image in Brazil in modern times to represent a martyred female slave is discussed in J. Handler and K. Hayes, "Escrava Anastacia: The Iconographic History of a Brazilian Popular Saint," African Diaspora: Journal of Transnational Africa in a Global World 2 (2009), 1-27

Image Reference BRIDG-4_IMG. Source: Richard Bridgens, West India Scenery...from sketches taken during a voyage to, and residence of seven years in ... Trinidad (London, 1836), plate 20. (Copy in Providence Atheneum, Rhode Island)

Comments: Caption, "Negro Heads, with punishments for Intoxication and dirt-eating." "The tin collar is a punishment for drunkenness in females," while the mask is "a punishment and preventative of . . . dirt eating." The illustration also shows facial and body scarification, or so-called "country marks," indicative of African origin; the man in the center right also displays filed or modified teeth, another indicator of African birth among West Indian slaves (see Jerome Handler, Determining African Birth from Skeletal Remains: A Note on Tooth Mutilation, Historical Archaeology [1994], vol. 28, pp. 113-119). There is no certain date of publication of Bridgens West India Scenery, though major libraries with copies of this work usually assign 1836 as a publication date. A sculptor, designer and architect, Bridgens was born in England in 1785. In 1825 he moved to Trinidad where his wife had inherited a sugar plantation. Although Bridgens apparently occasionally returned to England, he died in Port of Spain in 1846 (Brian Austen, Richard Hicks Bridgens [Oxford Art Online/Grove Art Online,]; thanks to Sarah Thomas for her help). Bridgens’ racist perspectives on enslaved Africans and his defense of slavery are discussed in T. Barringer, G. Forrester, and B. Martinez-Ruiz, Art and Emancipation in Jamaica: Isaac Mendes Belisario and his Worlds [ Yale University Press, 2007], pp. 460-461.

Slave Mask Image Reference, NW0192. Source: Thomas Branagan, The Penitential Tyrant; or, slave trader reformed (New York, 1807), p. 271. (Copy in Library Company of Philadelphia; also Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-31864)

Comments: Bound into this abolitionist work, but consecutively paginated with the title poem, is a separate essay, "The Method of Procuring Slaves on the Coast of Africa; with an account of their sufferings on the voyage, and cruel treatment in the West Indies" (pp. 252-274). This essay is accompanied by a number of engravings, including the one show here, which is described (on p. 270) as follows: "A front and profile view of an African's head, with the mouth-piece and necklace, the hooks round which are placed to prevent an escapee when pursued in the woods, and to hinder them from laying down the head to procure rest. At A [see letter over mouth of figure on the right] is a flat iron which goes into the mouth, and so effectually keeps down the tongue, that nothing can be swallowed, not even the saliva, a passage for which is made through holes in the mouth-plate." On the lower right is an enlarged view of this mouth piece which "when long worn, becomes so heated as frequently to bring off the skin along with it." The lower left shows leg shackles used on the slave ships; also, "spurs used on some plantations in Antigua" (placed on the legs to prevent slaves from absconding). Another illustration in the Penitential Tyrant, which does not appear to be present in all copies of this work (and is not shown on this website) shows a slave lashed to an upright ladder, which is leaning against a tree, while being whipped by another slave as the slavemaster looks on.

The Scold's Bridle

A scold's bridle is a British invention, possibly originating in Scotland, used between the 16th and 19th Century. It was a device used to control, humiliate and punish gossiping, troublesome women by effectively gagging them. Scold comes from the 'common scold': a public nuisance, more often than not women, who habitually gossiped and quarrelled with their neighbours, while the name bridle describes a part that fitted into the mouth. The scold's bridle was also known as the 'gossiping bridle' and the 'Brank(s)', and was commonly used by husbands on their nagging or swearing wives. The device was occasionally used on men; however, it was primarily used on women who agitated the male-dominated society of the era. (image source: Old Electronic Library)

The Scold's Bridle

Made by blacksmiths, the bridle was a cage-like device, made from iron. It was approximately nine inches high and seven inches wide, and was fitted to the woman's head. The most basic type was made of a band of iron, which was hinged at the side and had a protruding part, or tongue piece, that could be flat or with a spike, which went into the woman's mouth, to hold her tongue down. Another band of iron went over her head, the front of which was shaped for her nose to go through. Depending on the design, the bridle could be uncomfortable, painful or torturous, and scarring of the tongue was not uncommon. Some had a bell secured to a spring, which was attached to the bridle, so the wearer could be heard as she approached.

The Scold's Bridle or Branks

Some houses had a hook in the wall at the side of the fireplace where the wife would be chained, until she promised to behave herself and curb her tongue. Although sometimes fitted to a nagging wife by the local gaoler (jailer) at the request of her husband, or by the husband himself, it was more often a punitive sentence ordered by a magistrate. Judicial bridles were more elaborate than the basic type; they always had at least one spike and they could be locked. They also had a chain attached to the side of the bridle, with a ring on the end. This could be used to publicly humiliate the woman by leading her through the town, or staking her at a designated area for a set time period. The amount of time the bridle was worn could be from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the seriousness of the offence, during which time the miscreant would not be able to eat or drink. It was also said to be used on witches to prevent them from chanting or casting spells.

A water color by Jean Baptiste Debret (held by a museum in Rio de Janeiro); published in Ana Maria de Moraes, O Brasil dos viajantes (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, 1994), image 469, p. 93. Also published in Jean Baptiste Debret, Viagem Pitoresca e Historica ao Brasil (Editora Itatiaia Limitada, Editora da Universidade de Sao Paulo, 1989), p.128, a reprint of the 1954 Paris edition, edited by R. De Castro Maya). (source: University of Virginia)

Shows a slave wearing a tin mask over his face; he is "heading" a large ceramic jar. Brazilian slavemasters compelled slaves who were prone to eat earth or dirt to wear such masks. This illustration does not appear to have been published in Debret's, Voyage Pittoresque et Historique au Bresil (Paris,1834-39), although another slave, wearing such a mask, is illustrated in vol. 2, plate 10, captioned "une visite a la campagne" (the image is not shown on this website). For a description of this mask in Brazil, see image reference ewbank3. The engravings in this book were taken from drawings made by Debret during his residence in Brazil from 1816 to 1831. For watercolors by Debret of scenes in Brazil, some of which were incorporated into his Voyage Pittoresque, see Jean Baptiste Debret, Viagem Pitoresca e Historica ao Brasil (Editora Itatiaia Limitada, Editora da Universidade de Sao Paulo, 1989; a reprint of the 1954 Paris edition, edited by R. De Castro Maya).
Brank ( aka the Scold's Bridle) The Medieval period of the Middle Ages was violent, and blood thirsty. In these barbarous times the cruel and pitiless torturers were induced to inflict the horrors of tortures, including the Brank, on prisoners by restrictive. Torture methods, devices and instruments were used to inflict the deliberate, systematic, cruel and wanton infliction of physical and mental suffering. There were no laws or rules to protect the treatment of prisoners who faced torture, such as the Brank ( aka the Scold's Bridle) by restrictive. Torture was seen as a totally legitimate means for justice to extract confessions, obtain the names of accomplices, obtain testimonies or confessions.

Crimes which warranted the use of / Method of inflicting the Brank

Different types of torture were used depending on the victim's crime and social status. There were also different tortures used for men and women. The Brank was also known as the Scold's Bridle and it was specifically used as a torture for women to inflict humiliation and discomfort as opposed to pain. A scold was a term given to a gossip, shrew or bad tempered woman during the Middle Ages. A scold was defined as: "A troublesome and angry woman who by brawling and wrangling amongst her neighbours breaks the public peace, increases discord and becomes a public nuisance to the neighbourhood." The device was a locking iron muzzle, metal mask or cage which encased the head. There was an iron curb projecting into the mouth which rested on the top of the tongue. This device prevented the shrew from speaking. In some instances the iron curb was studded with spikes which inflicted pain if the victim spoke. Some branks had a bell built in which drew attention to the scold as she walked through the streets. The woman would be humiliated by the jeering and comments from other people.


  1. Formerly women were subjected to these humiliations and occasionally spankings, paddlings, and other relatively minor degrees of punishment for misbehavior.
    Today, however, we are more advanced and treat women more nearly equally to men. They get the fines and incarcerations always inflicted on misbehaving men.

    1. "They get the fines and incarcerations always inflicted on misbehaving men."

      Actually from what I've seen. they only get half the punishment for those particular things compared to what a guy gets.

  2. Bob Trent:

    I'm sorry, but I absolutely disagree with your premise of "minor degrees of punishment of misbehavior." The scolds bridle and brank's bridle represent a level of violence against women that is reprehensible.

    This level of visible subjugation against women, who happen to be the next-of-kin or the mothers of he heirs of the estate sickens most people.

    Now, the juxtaposed images of a bridled white European woman against the images of a bridled African slave offer a palpable depiction of the gruesomeness of enslavement. Most of the slave tortures were acceptable forms of torture from Europe.

    Remember that the New World slave trade occurred AFTER the massive religious wars in Europe (that's why many of the white immigrants to the Americas were religious exiles). The Spanish Inquisition, the expulsion of the Moors (Muslims) and the Jews of Spain coincided with Columbus's voyage in 1492. Along the same line, the Huguenots (French Protestants) and the English and Dutch Puritans, and the Dutch, German and English Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren were all religiously persecuted in their European homeland.

    The punishments inflicted on African chattel were identical to those tortures and punishments inflicted on the ostracized religions of Europe.

    That is why this post is relevant. It clearly displays that the level of violence that white women endured was indistinguishable to the level of violence conveyed on black enslaved bodies.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    --Ron Edwards


      The punishments were similar but not identical. This masks were used on salves IN ADDITION TO whippings, amputations, gang rapes and mutilations. This was in addition to the psychological violence of selling if children, not being able to speak your native language and being stolen from your homeland. 100% wrong and misguided to say that the violence European women faced was anywhere near what African slaves endured and a misreading of this comparison of a discrete area of overlap. 

    2. I don't entirely agree with you. You see, in the colony of Virginia in 1619, four different people were on the auction blocks: White women, Irish boys, Native Americans, and Africans.

      The white English women and young girls were euphemistically called "Virginia Tobacco Brides." They were SOLD for 120 pounds of tobacco (the currency of the colony founded by the Virginia Company of London). Today, we would call that sex trafficking. This wasn't the mint julep, Scarlett O'Hara fantasy Old South Americana, but a hostile land owned by the Native American tribes. In fact, the colonist died at an alarming rate in 1610 during the "starving times."

      White women had no rights. They were being burned at the stake, lynched, beaten, raped, their children were sold to reconcile debt, they were placed in dunking stools.

      We've whitewashed history too much. Instead of seeing solidarity with other oppressed people, we act like the Jewish people who ONLY see the Holocaust as a purely Jewish event, when the Gypsies, the deaf, the handicapped, the gays, and the mixed race Germans were killed in the same death camps. As a matter of historical reference, the Herero people of Namibia experienced a similar fate of genocidal concentration camps at the hands of the Second Reich. Perhaps if we stop comparing historical wounds and start connecting the historical dots, we can peep emerging patterns of oppression before it takes root.

      Yes, the acceptance and normalizing of violence against white women, white children and the white poor opens a space for the social acceptance of owning human beings.

      We need to learn the lessons from history and air-out the dirty laundry of widespread oppression. Slavery wasn't just a historical anomaly told in black and white. We need to just grow-up and get real.

    3. You must be white because only white people are that unsympathetic we all know women didn't have rights and we're mistreated but the Jews as well as other unfortunates and African people everywhere were brutally mistreated then and still now so u get real and stop trying to minimize the evils of the white race because before they got us they were torturing their own but enjoyed doing to their own and especially to us because remember that we were considered property and not people. so keep it real!

    4. White women still had more rights than slaves but it just confirms how the white man likes to control everyone and everything. I'm glad it shows how different races and nor only Africans were treated but the common denominator is white euro men.#itsafact

  3. The information to the right is incorrect. Moors were moors unto themselves. In fact Moors and Spanish made mulattos. I have a copy of the Spanish racial hierchy and that's what it indicates

  4. ((The information to the right is incorrect. Moors were moors unto themselves. In fact Moors and Spanish made mulattos. I have a copy of the Spanish racial hierchy and that's what it indicates}}

    The information on the right is just an amplification of what is written on the Casta Painting. The term "Moorish" does not indicate a Moor, but it does indicate the appearance of the offspring would look like the phenotype of the Northern African Moors that would be quite familiar in Castile Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. In many of the Casta Paintings you'll find that the term "Peninsular" and "Spanish" are interchangeable.

    I have a couple of posts on the Casta Paintings and the Spanish racial classifications. The nomenclature certainly seems to be both a racially and a politically charged caste system. Moors were not the "good guys" during the Christian Reconquista era. The Spanish Inquisition was notoriously cruel to Moriscos and Conversos--YUCK!

    So, the racial hierarchy as depicted in the Casta Paintings was a propaganda tool to classify miscegenation in the New World.

    For example the term "Lobo" is a racial classification of black and native Indian parents. And of course in Spanish a "lobo" is translated as a wolf or a wild dog. Or, a "coyote" is a racial classification of a mulatto and a Native Indian. And here again a "coyote" is another wild dog.

    These Casta Paintings seem rather fluid with respect to race. The highest levels of race seem to involve a Peninsular European born Spanish man with any kind of woman who would sleep with him. You'll see at different times that the non converted Indians are the lowest caste or the full-blooded Africans are the lowest caste. It just depended on what the social political agenda of the day was.

    Certainly, these Casta Paintings represent a fictitious social order, with real-world implications with respect to employment, social status, etc. It's a complete crock. But, the pictures are just beautiful works of art. Love them or hate them, the Spaniards do have a sense of aesthetic style.

  5. That is disgusting how men used to treat people. Especially women. I hope they learn their lesson.

  6. Yea 'more equal' except by muslims and in africa

  7. Wicked white devils

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  9. what are the sources for these renderings and images?

    1. The images of the slaves are from the University of Virginia's slave image collection.

      I was looking for the name of the slave masks and bridals, when I stumbled upon Medieval Tortures. Between the Spanish Inquisition, witch hunts, and various other religious wars the images of white women in in face masks kept appearing.

      The violent images of women bridled and condoned by the Church seemed eerily similar to those torture devices that were rendered upon slaves.

      Sometimes we like to whitewash our history, thereby sanitizing the cruelty and violence.

      I'll look through my notes and link the images back to their original sources. This is an educational site and the images are to enhance your understanding of the text and the subject.

      Thanks for your interest.

      --Ron Edwards, US Slave Blog

    2. Thank you so much for the work you've done here Ron!

  10. Scold's Bridle renderings that are not cited, i mean. also: any idea which museums in the U.S. house actual bridles or slave masks?

    1. At the Wisconsin Dells, here's a link:

      In Michigan, at Faganarms here's a link:

    2. You're right, this post is a bit sloppy. Sorry. Who knew this post would be so dang popular. There are at least 13 slave torture posts on this blog, from whipping, branding, slave masks, slave collars, pillories and stocks. Yet, for some reason this post seems to get the most traffic.

      I'm a seeker of historical truths, I don't have all of the answers, but I'm not afraid to look down the dark dank corridors of our shared history.

      Since, this post was published I found the name and legend of the slave girl behind the mask. If you're interested her name was "Anastacia" she was a mulatto progeny of an enslaved Brazilian beauty and her owner. Needless to say, the wife of said owner wasn't too happy to see the baby that looked like her husband. So, she was muzzled until the day she died. Or at least that's one version of the mythical masked slave girl. If you're interested here's a link to the story in English, I'm sure the Portuguese is more nuanced and compelling, but Google translate can only do so much.

      Thanks again for reading and commenting, I'll do a better job next time. Click on the links in the article for more information, too.

      --Ron Edwards, US Slave Blog

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