Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pro-slavery Video Game!

Role Playing violence against women, all in the name of "fun"! WTF! I ran across this video today, needless to say, I'm shocked, sickened and mortified by the images of the enslavement and ritualized sexual torture of women.

This video has over 100,000+ views. I'm at a loss for words. Perhaps there is a population of certain men who think that it is their birthright to enslave human beings. After covering the topic of slavery from the 15th Century to the 19th Century, it flabbergasts me to view a video that glorifies slavery in the 21st Century.

How have we as a society failed to teach that NOBODY has the right to OWN another human being? Why don't we look at those Confederate apologists straight in the face and shout that SLAVERY IS WRONG! Why don't we revolt against the Crowns of England, the Crowns of Spain, the Crowns of France (oops, the French people did decapitate their king and queen), the Crowns of Portugal, the Catholic Pope, the Monarchy of the Netherlands, the 12 slave-owning Presidents of the U.S.A., and all of the other slave-trading, slave-owning, slave-mongering plutocrats in the New World and Old World plus Africa.

At least the slave plutocrats made money and produced goods, albeit off the backs of enslaved men, women and children--at least they MADE SOMETHING. Unfortunately the makers of this "video game" that exalts slavery and the violent subjugation of women offer nothing to the world except to confirm that some white men (not all white men) are genetically hardwired to be monsters. That certainly explains how the institution of State Sponsored Slavery could thrive for 500 years. Let me make myself clear, slavery is wrong, slavery was wrong, and slavery will be forever wrong. Nobody has the right to own or enslave another human being.

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  1. disgusting!!!!
    Whoever created this is nothing more than a disgusting pig!!!



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