Friday, April 29, 2011

Gullah Grub

Cooking, “Gullah Style”

Gullah Chef Bill Green

The Gullah people are African Americans who live in the Low Country region of South Carolina and Georgia. The Gullah are known for preserving more of their African linguistic and cultural heritage than any other African American community in the United States. The Gullah dialect is rooted in West and Central Africa, combined with English and other languages such as French.

To understand the Gullah way of cooking, imagine growing up in a beautiful sun bathed island community where everyone farmed, fished and raised their own livestock in a natural, serene setting. Without access to mass transportation or expensive imports, families only ate local and in season.
Most foods are stewed, grilled or roasted, very little is fried. Free range chickens give fresh eggs and wholesome meat, grass fed goats give the tenderest of lean meat. Whole grains such as rice and cornbread balance out the nutritional profile of many meals. (Gullah Grub)

The Gullah Seasonal Diet

Summer is for feasting and large gatherings with family and friends. The earth and sea gives forth her bounty of fruits, vegetables, and seafood.

Fall brings dark green vegetables that are loaded with antioxidants and have remarkable cleansing properties which boosts the immune system and ready the body for the winter.

Winter is great for stews of mostly vegetables and beans with some cured meat for extra protein. Fatty fish and shellfish provide an Omega3 rich diet.

Spring ushers in the cycle of earth and sea again, producing high energy, low calorie food to ready your body for activities in the warm sun.

This is Gullah living. This is Gullah cooking. This is the philosophy of the Gullah Grub Restaurant and Catering, LLC. (source: Gullah Grub Restaurant)

The Gullah Grub Restaurant

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