Monday, October 21, 2013

Mark Steel's Harriet Tubman

Mark Steel Lectures on the BBC -- Irreverent yet accurate, Mark Steele takes people who have made a mark in history (or at least are mentioned often enough that their names are familiar) and gives you the highlights of their lives in a way that makes you remember the important bits. If you are looking for fun and history at the same time, these lectures are worth your time and investment--still worth the investment if you are just looking for great laughs!

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, described widely as the 'Moses of her people' was instrumental in the efforts to abolish slavery in mid 19th century America. Born into a life of bondage, she was forced into work at five years of age and at 12 was horrifically injured by the plantation overseer when he threw a lead weight at her head. At 27 and buoyed by stories of slave rebellions emerging across the country, she escaped her Maryland plantation and headed Northwards where she knew there were strong groups of Quakers and anti slavery campaigners who were collectively known as the 'Underground Railroad' Despite having a twelve hundred dollar bounty on her head, Harriet would insist on planning and executing a series of audacious raids back in Maryland, returning to free dozens of people from her old plantation. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected President and the South was horrified at the prospect of being governed by a President opposed to slavery; they decided to break away from the rest of America calling themselves the Confederates and soon after the Civil War began. Join the award winning comedian Mark Steel as he charts Harriet Tubman's course through American history; her daring armed raids to rescue fellow slaves, her inclusion into the Underground Railroad network, and her work with fellow abolitionist John Brown and her special meetings with Abraham Lincoln's wife. []

Mark Steel's Harriet Tubman

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