Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The North and The South, Harper's Weekly 1861

Slave Cartoon
SOUTH. "Don't you dar to talk to me, Sir!' NORTH. "Oh! yeou be derned !"

Civil War Slave Cartoon
NORTH. " Lookee here, SOUTH, I'm gittin' rayther cold." SOUTH. "Well, NORTH, can't say I'm cold, but am bloody hungry. Now—you want my Cotton." NORTH. "No, dern yeou, you want my Corn ! Yeou—acknowledge the Corn—" SOUTH. " No ; you Cotton to me." THEY COMPROMISE

slave cartoon
THE COMPROMISE (Section First and Last.) "The NORTH, in consideration of the fact that the SOUTH ACKNOWLEDGES THE CORN, do hereby agree to COTTON TO THE SOUTH."

Civil War Cartoon
Glorious, magnificent, and triumphant effect of the Compromise. The Constitution and the Nigger to be supported. Our Ramparts to be built of COTTON AND CORN. Hurrah-h-h-h !

HARPER'S WEEKLY. FEBRUARY 9, 1861, page 96 (source: Son of the South)

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