Friday, April 27, 2012

Steel Workers Mural

Pullman Steel Worker's Mural, Chicago, Illinois

Lyle Kissack's Steel Worker's Wall, Baltimore, MD

From the Baltimore City Paper -- "Best Mural: African American Steelworkers," by Tim Hill, on 17 September 2003 --Though this mural has been standing for six years, it still represents one of the city's finest public-art achievements. Artists Lyle Kissack and Gerald Ross, who have made their mark on several buildings around town, worked with area residents and former steelworkers to memorialize those who put in the long hours at Sparrows Point. The mural was painted on the side of an appropriately named (but unfortunately boarded-up) supermarket called Super Pride and stretches nearly a city block. Panels illustrate a worker's daily routine and the process of smelting iron ore into steel. The figures are humane, dynamic; the scale, epic. Of the few building sides in Baltimore that continue the tradition of Mexican and Depression-era muralists in its true collaboration of art, community, and history, this mural is the most powerful.

1000 N. Patterson Park Ave.
Baltimore, Maryland

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