Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kwame Ture - African Culture

Stokely Carmichael: Kwame Ture (1941-1998)

One of my favorite Trinidad brothers. I've been so ticked-off by King Leopold II expropriation of the Congo wealth, natural resources and genocide; Henry Morton Stanley's exploitation of African labor, land and wealth; The Kaiser of Germany's Second Reich genocide in Namibia; The Portuguese (damn what didn't these guys do to Africans!) ; The Dutch and British rape of South Africa (I didn't even get to the massive wealth accumulation in the West Indies and Suriname) ; The Spanish stealing the land and wealth of South and Central America along with the lives of Africans and Native Indigenous People in the Americas; The Australian's blackbirding (enslaving) the people in the Pacific Islands and the genocide of the Tasmania People. Sometimes you need a Stokely Carmichael break to keep your sanity. I hope you enjoy his little talk. Lately the audio for Mr. Carmichael's videos have been mysteriously scrambled. So maybe we can listen, before these tapes get censured too.

Kwame Toure - Afrikan Culture - pt. 1

Kwame Toure - Afrikan Culture - pt. 2

Kwame Toure - Afrikan Culture - pt. 3

Kwame Toure - Afrikan Culture - pt. 4

Kwame Toure - Afrikan Culture - pt. 5

Kwame Toure - Afrikan Culture - pt. 6

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