Friday, March 11, 2011

1807 Auction Bill of Sale for Negro Slave Boy

Summary: A manuscript Bill of Sale, dated October 10, 1807, for the sale at auction of the "Negro Boy Jacob" to Seth Griffith, the high bidder, for $80.50 in partial settlement of a money judgement against Prettyman Boyce, defendant, whose "property" Jacob had previously been.

The Cooper Collection of U.S. Historical Documents

Transcription: Daniel Baker & William Morgan vs Prettyman Boyce:

On an Attachment Order of Sale dated the Twenty Fifth of September One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seven, I do Certify that on this day I sold Negro Boy Jacob in the presence [of] both the Plaintiffs and Defendant and that he was lawfully struck off to Seth Griffith for the sum of Eighty Dollars and a half, he being the highest Bidder, which money I have Recd. on this day being the time the Boy was Bid off as witness my hand this tenth day of October Eighteen Hundred & Seven 1807.

Iwin [?] Stuart, Const[able]. (L.S.)

Attest: Robert Hall, Wm. Elligood

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