Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tales of Delphine Lalaurie

"The man who smashed the garret door saw powerful male slaves, stark naked, chained to the wall, their eyes gouged out, their fingernails pulled off by the roots; others had their joints skinned and festering, great holes in their buttocks where the flesh had been sliced away, their ears hanging by shreds, their lips sewed together, their tongues drawn out and sewed to their chins, severed hands stitched to bellies, legs pulled joint from joint. Female slaves there were, their mouths and ears crammed with ashes and chicken offal and bound tightly; others had been smeared with honey and were a mass of black ants. Intestines were pulled out and knotted around naked waists. There were holes in skulls, where a rough stick had been inserted to stir the brains. Some of the poor creatures were dead, some were unconscious; and a few were still breathing, suffering agonies beyond any power to describe." - From the firemen entering the house
-- "Ghost Stories of Old New Orleans" by Jeanne deLavigne, published 1946 "The Haunted House of the Rue Royale" pp.248-258


  1. Actually, not necessarily true. Her source isn't attributed and its not supported by original source material. Likely embellished. Although horrific enough as it was, the author above sought to make it even more lurid. Really? Their suffering wasn't enough for her, she had to embellish? Wiki has a good article on this with citations.



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