Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Mengele of Pretoria

Since October 1999 the trial takes place in Pretoria at the heart surgeon described as a genius Dr. Wouter Basson.

Basson is suspected in the eighties - as leader of the ultra-secret Project Coast - hundreds of black prisoners and opponents of the then apartheid regime to have subjected to horrific medical experiments and even killed. As a general in the South African Army was responsible for Dr Basson ontwiklzeling of a chemical and bacteriological weapons program and that neighbor called frontline states was deterred. At a time when South Africa groaned under a global boycott UN, built an unrivaled arsenal of Basson. He proved to be particularly obsessed with the development of WMD-sensitive pigment in the form of medication only on the black population would have a deadly effect.

Hans Knoop took weeks to process in Pretoria and held meetings with all stakeholders, including Dr. Basson himself. He had access to many hitherto unknown documents and files and bit set in its own manner, in this fascinating, often disgusting, but always complicated matter.

Many of his secrets will Basson - after an expected sentence of life many times - no doubt bring to his prison cell in Pretoria. That cell has already been prepared and is located next to the last six years to life sentence executioner of the apartheid regime, Colonel Eugene de Kock.

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