Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cuba Recovers A Slave Barracks (house)

Recover slave barracks (house)  with unique values

Havana, April 7. The only slave hut made ​​up of individual houses is preserved in the country, is still under restoration in the town of Manaca Iznaga, Trinidad, the third town of Cuba, Sancti Spiritus province. According to review the daily Juventud Rebelde The construction system is made ​​up of 13 small cottages masonry and roof tiled roofs, which are inhabited today. In each of the precincts are housed an unknown number of slaves, said Victor Echenagusia Peña, a specialist in the Office of the Curator Trinidad. indicated that this spatial configuration creates a kind of intermediate development with streets and is a case sui generis in the history of Cuba sugar, to differentiate a predominant barrack square section and large strips of rooms around a central courtyard. Echenagusia Peña estimated that there must have been over 30 homes of this type to form the Manaca Iznaga barracks, one of the 74 that existed for centuries in the Valley of Mills, declared by the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 1988, near Trinidad, Cultural Heritage of Humanity. major restoration actions have been directed to the roofs and facades, with the consequent release of elements foreign to the original expression of the building without alter the habitat of the families, said the expert. At present the studies focus on the spatial reorganization of small and narrow streets that make up the houses, and once construction is completed, the site can link up with other historical attractions, cultural and natural tourism in the Valley of Mills, concludes the information. (AIN)

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