Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although popular Negro leaders are now emerging, most of them are still selected by white leadership, elevated to positions, supplied with resources and inevitably subjected to white control. The masses of Negros are suspicious toward this manufactured leader. We have to create leaders that have virtues that we can respect, who have moral and ethical principles that we can applaud. We have to refuse crumbs from the big city machine, and demand a fair share of the loaf---DR. KING (from his book called, a Testament of Hope)

Too often many of us live above our means. Do you ever see people buy cars that they can’t even began to afford based on their income. You’ve seen people riding around in Cadillac’s and Chryslers, who don’t earn enough money to have a good T-Model Ford, but it feeds a repressed ego. Your automobile shouldn’t cost any more than half of your annual income. So if you make 5000 dollars a year, your car shouldn’t cost anymore than 2500, so often you see people making 5000 dollars a year, and driving a car that cost 6000 dollars, and they wonder why their ends never meet. You see people living their lives trying to live like the Joneses. They got to get this coat because it’s a little better looking than Mary’s coat, and they feel they got to drive this car because it’s a little better than their neighbors car. If not controlled this kind of behavior can become destructive----DR. KING (from his speech called, The Drum Major Instinct)

Blacks are 11% of the American population, and consume 40% of the Scotch Whisky imported to the U.S., and spend 72 million at the jewelry store, and when we come asking for Civil Rights donations Negros are just trying to make ends me---DR. KING

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