Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Conquest of the Incas

A priceless Peruvian headdress of the "utmost historical importance" that was stolen and trafficked to Britain was recovered by Scotland Yard agents. The 1,300 year old headdress was seized after an international art smuggler was tricked into depositing it at a solicitor's office in a sting operation. The famous headdress was later returned to Peru and is now on display inside a specially created safe room at the Museo de la Nacion in Lima.

History's Turning Points - The Conquest of the Incas

When Pizarro, 170 soldiers and a friar arrived, The Inca, scornful of the scruffy Spaniards, invited them to stay in the town. They kidnapped the Inca, collected a ransom and killed him. But the plunder had only begun. The Spaniards diseases wiped out 90% of the Incas.

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